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Und vor einigen Monaten kam Al Dschasira, der arabische Informationssender aus Katar, mit einem englischen Vollprogramm hinzu.

In jüngster Zeit positionieren sich unzählige Pornosender mit einem Punkt oder einem Sonderzeichen vor dem Namen gleich an die Spitze der alphabetischen Auflistung der zu empfangenden Sender, also noch vor Abu Dhabi, Al Arabija oder ARD.

“Qatar could continue forever like that with no problems.” Asked whether Qatar felt pressure to resolve the crisis quickly, he said: “Not at all.” The Gulf nations said they would continue to restrict Qatar’s land, sea and air routes indefinitely if they refuse to comply with their demands.

Emirati Ambassador to the US Yousef al-Otaiba insisted there was no threat of military action, but warned: “The measures that have been taken are there to stay until there is a long-term solution to the issue.” The ultimatum was quickly rejected by Qatar’s ally, Turkey, and Al Jazeera dismissed it as an effort “to silence the freedom of expression in the region and to suppress people’s right to information and the right to be heard”.

For further information on residence permits, see the Government of Qatar or U. If you hold Qatari citizenship, Qatari law requires that you enter and exit on your Qatari passport. Criminal penalties for certain offenses are harsher than those in the U. See our following webpages for details: LGBTI Travelers: Same-sex sexual relations between men are against the law, even if relations are consensual.

Medical exams are required for all long-term visitors and residents. Verify this information with the Embassy of Qatar before traveling. Verbal assurances or side letters are not binding in Qatar. Employees have limited recourse in the event their employer terminates a contract early. citizens have been barred from departing Qatar because of pre-existing debts, despite having no job to earn income [see Exit Bans in Local Law section].

Qatar has accused its Gulf neighbours of trying to bully them into accepting economic and diplomatic demands after the UAE threatened it with “divorce”.

The monarchy in Doha has faced calls to shut down the Al Jazeera television network, pay reparations and cut ties with Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood after Donald Trump said they had “historically been funding terrorism at a very high level” in June.

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Alles geschieht zur gleichen Zeit, an verschiedenen Orten, in jeder Zeitzone, aus vielfältigen Perspektiven, und verändert sich ständig. Hier findet ein Musikfestival statt - dort meditieren ein paar Freunde an einem einsamen Strand.

HIV/AIDS restrictions: Some HIV/AIDS entry restrictions exist for visitors to and foreign residents of Qatar. In the event of a contract or employment dispute, Qatari authorities refer to the Arabic language of a contract.