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29-Sep-2017 07:12

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While I still have a ways to go before proclaiming expert status on the art of dating, I’ve made significant strides because of my trials.I’ve toyed with all sorts of profile styles to have finally come up with something that works.I’ve learned how to judge girls’ profiles with 95% accuracy.I’ve learned how to “seize” a date without cockblocking myself.Romance frauds are the most lucrative scam in Canada.

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But then you’re disappointed to discover it’s from the previous decade.Ellen was retired, living a comfortable life in a nice home in British Columbia.In the driveway was a luxury car, and her house was paid for.Height, age, weight — those things will be obvious in seconds.

Interests and attitudes will be made clear very quickly, too.

Before I signed up, I was great at seducing women at bars and clubs, but an infant when it came to dating.