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Although Mc Ginty is impatient, the editor begins to relate a long-winded story: After reading an editorial in the Morgan's Creek newspaper on sudden war marriages, grumpy town policeman Officer Kockenlocker (William Demarest) forbids his nearly adult daughter Trudy (Betty Hutton) from attending a farewell dance for soldiers. Music Score by Leo Shuken and Charles Bradshaw Musical Direction Sigmund Krumgold Art Direction Hans Dreier and Ernst Fegte Edited by Stuart Gilmore Art Direction Hans Dreier and Ernst Fegte Edited by Stuart Gilmore Costumes Edith Head Makeup Artist Wally Westmore Sound Recording Hugo Grenzbach and Walter Oberst Set Decoration Steven Seymour Written and Directed by Preston Sturges PUBLICITY IMAGES AND STILLS Just before Christmas, the editor of the Morgan's Creek newspaper anxiously calls Governor Mc Ginty (Brian Donlevy) to announce some astonishing news.I'm one of those people who think that speaking ill of the dead is not particularly helpful.

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Some time later, Trudy's worst fears are realized when she learns that she is pregnant.I remember how hurtful it was when my Uncle Joe - reported to be a one-time leader of the IRA - died after a long illness and how reading the different comments flung around on the internet was painful.So, I am reluctant to write about Martin Mc Guinness barely 48 hours after his departure from this world, mindful of his family and friends and the hurt they will undoubtedly be feeling.December 31, 1939 was the first New Year’s Eve that anyone could remember that there hadn’t been crowds celebrating at midnight in Trafalgar Square.

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So begins 1940 for the waitresses at the Lyons Corner House at Marble Arch.His legacy will be unpicked for the history books and there is no doubting his contribution to the peace process and in relationships with once-arch enemies, who now speak fondly of him.