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23-Oct-2017 18:40

No one had to know anything other than I had surgery. External appliance or no external appliance; I still wasn’t okay with my situation. It wasn’t until I connected with other people who I felt understood what I was going through, that things began to turn around for me.

I also was never going to be in a positive relationship if I couldn’t fully be myself.

And Grossman, a Crohn’s patient who had six feet of intestines surgically removed, wears an ostomy bag attached to her lower abdomen to collect her stool.“This is who I am,” says Grossman, founder of the education and advocacy website and blog, Uncover Ostomy.

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It is connected to the small intestine, also called the small bowel.An ostomy doesn’t have to inhibit a person from anything, physically, mentally or sexually, explains colorectal surgeon Zane Cohen, director of a digestive diseases centre bearing his name at Mount Sinai Hospital. I’m showing I’m just like everybody else.” For a long period, she wasn’t like everybody else.Thousands of people from every vocation, even professional athletes and long-range pilots, he says, have ostomies, but it’s not talked about much. She was only 8 years old when digestion started to hurt.An ostomy alone is not a deterrent to any activities you are otherwise capable of and that includes your social life.

Whether a person desires companionship, active participation in sex, or a serious romance leading to marriage, how one's surgery will be accepted by a potential partner or friend is a normal concern.

It forced me to become this phony person who never felt good enough, who felt the need to constantly please people, who had absolutely no self confidence, and who had no idea what a real relationship should be.

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