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The adventures of Shawn, Gus, Juliet et al will resume @ Comic-Con: Fantastic Season 7 – and Beyond!

aired its series finale, the stars of the beloved show reunited on Tuesday, Jan. Martin Sheen, who was Emmy-nominated for his role as President Josiah ' Jed' Bartlet, met with six members of his on-screen staff: Joshua Malina (Deputy Communications Director Will Bailey), Dule Hill (Personal Aide to the President Charlie Young), Richard Schiff (Communications Director Toby Ziegler), Bradley Whitford (Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman), Allison Janney (Press Secretary C. Cregg), and Mary Mc Cormack (Deputy National Security Advisor Kate Harper). The West Wing (l-r) Allison Janney as Claudia Jean 'C.

In the case of “Psych,” though, we’re not so much talking about a show that ended a decade or more ago.

The USA mystery-comedy starring James Roday and Dule Hill only ended in the spring of 2014; the ink’s still not dry! As we’re going to explain below, there’s a whole lot more show to explore for one despite it running eight seasons, and we’re not quite sure any other series out there has managed to strike that balance of being incredibly funny while also telling innovative, at-times ridiculous mysteries. How it ended – Shawn Spencer (Roday) finally decides that he is ready to take his life in a new direction, and he and Gus (Hill) opt to relocate their fake psychic-detective agency to San Francisco, where Juliet (Maggie Lawson) and Vick (Kristen Nelson) are now operating.

that we’re talking about “Psych” today in the latest edition of our TV Revivals series.

This is ground we’re covering on Carter Matt all month long; with the recent arrivals of “Girl Meets World,” the upcoming launch of “Fuller House,” and even the revived “Gilmore Girls” down the road, it’s rather fun to dive in and explore some of our longtime favorites in an era where nostalgia is reigning supreme.

PHOTOS: Stars Who Played the President Lead Sheen went on to appear in a 20-episode arc on his son Charlie's FX show stars have collaborated for Funny or Die.

In 2012, Malina, Janney, Sheen, and Hill, plus Melissa Fitzgerald (C. Cregg's assistant Carol Fitzpatrick) recorded a "Walk & Talk" skit, promoting the importance of physical activity.

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(It’d too bad the “Monk” – “Psych” crossover we long envisioned never happened.)How it could continue – This one’s really not that hard to figure out."Unlike everyone else around here, I'm not fooled by the fact that you wear grownup clothes, have mastered the rudimentary levels of communication, and somehow manage to feed yourselves. So do me a favor and let the grownups do their work."A criminal profiler who uses psychology to solve cases.